Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creating Paper Flower Bows from Recycled Materials

I just found a great idea and tutorial about taking household materials and using them to create paper flowers that add a touch of pizazz to gifts. Since the whole world is on this green kick, this is a great way to feel apart of it. Not only is it great for the environment but it also saves you a lot of green in your wallet because we all know how much those store bought bows can be!

By using plain gift bags, brown paper bags or newspaper to wrap gifts, you can then create paper flower "bows" to add a unique ornament to the gift. Grocery bags, plastic wrap, magazines, and reused gift wrap are all materials suggested in the article. I think that other materials such as aluminum foil, pages from an old book, or maybe even old photos will make beautiful paper flowers as well!

Here's a link to the article. Click for directions on how to make these stylish paper flower bows.

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