Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1,000 Tissue Paper Flowers Decorate Hula Night

I am always searching for people who are making paper flowers. I just read an article about a Hula Night put on at Amherst College where they turned Valentine Hall into a tropical paradise.

They used 1,000 tissue paper flowers to decorate the counters and windows sills. Can you imagine making ONE THOUSAND paper flowers? Whew! Hope they took pictures to remember the beauty!

Live tropical plants, paper palm trees, ice sculptures, and even a volcano were also used to decorate the hall. Because of the time it takes to plan and make all the decor, it is a once-every-four-years event. I'm sure it was beautiful. I would love to have seen all those tissue paper flowers all together! Even more, I would have liked to been there just to feast on the menu: coconut shrimp, island pork, sweet potatoes and Hawaiian slaw were the main courses. Someone would have to peal me away from the pineapple ice cream for sure!

Read more about the Hula Night (scroll about mid-way down the page)

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John said...

spoeaking of 1000 paper flowers...

James Roper (artist from the UK) has an art piece made of 1000 paper flowers. There's a picture at that link...