Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper flowers As A Unique Fundraiser

While searching the internet the other day for people creating paper flowers, I found a great article about a fundraiser going on right now where people are selling paper flowers for a great cause! Businesses in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are participating in this unique fundraiser, selling paper flowers.

I LOVE this idea! Unlike your typical candy bar or t-shirt fundraiser, there is a special feeling when you receive a flower, especially a paper flower, because of the time and effort it takes to make it. A paper flower, unlike a real flower, never wilts and you don't ever have to water it. A paper flower doesn't get eaten or turned into an old gym shirt either. A paper flower is a great fund-raising tool because it's a daily reminder to give!

The participating businesses are selling the paper flowers for just a buck to raise money for Lifesteps, a local family-focused nonprofit. I love this idea and I love their slogan, Seeds of Hope, more. What a great message to reach out to the community. It just makes me want to smile while looking up at a rainbow and give a few bucks to build me a paper flower bouquet! Here's a little more about the nonprofit agency selling the paper flowers:

The fundraiser will conclude April 20. Proceeds benefit the Lifesteps’ Family Caring Fund, which is restricted to paying expenditures not otherwise reimbursed by federal, state, or county programs, and supports local programs and services such as free developmental “Child Check” screenings for children birth to 5 years of age. Lifesteps offers family-focused services to Western Pennsylvania communities. Additional programs and services offered to local communities include home-based services for families in need and an adult training facility and 24-hour community homes for adults with mental retardation.

To read more about this paper flower fundraiser, click here.

If you found this blog post while looking for unique fundraiser ideas and you love this idea of selling paper flowers as much as I do, you can check out this popular book on Amazon about making paper flowers. Martha Stewart is also selling a paper flower kit from her crafts line now also you may like (The picture of the tissue paper flowers above was made from her kit)!

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